MEDA captures the essence of coastal cuisine and culture in a sophisticated setting that takes guests on a delightful journey of flavours. Inspired by the crossroads of culture and cuisine across the Mediterranean, Meda celebrates the iconic dishes of Spain, Italy, and Greece. MEDA invites guests to enter an enchanting world, celebrating the iconic Mediterranean spirit with a contemporary twist.


The venue boasts a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere on the first level of Downtown’s Taj Dubai. Its interiors feature a neutral palette with pops of colour, and a touch of modern classical elements, making it an ideal space to discover the refreshing flavours of the Mediterranean.

table with a dish at meda dubai restaurant


Offering a diverse menu, Meda takes guests on a journey that features an impressive selection of tapas, main courses, and desserts, with something for every palate.

The bar forms the very heart of the venue: A sophisticated space that flaunts clean lines and a minimal aesthetic, the bar is brought to life with an interactive crew of mixologists and bartenders. Exciting flavours of artisanal cocktails and traditional spirits are complemented by energetic and engaging presentations by the stellar team.

table with a dish at meda dubai restaurant
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